We promote independence, american workmanship, and environmental stewardship by partnering with established, growth-focused companies who share core values. We’re based in Burlington, VT, but our team works all over the US and beyond.

Practitioners, Not Experts

There’s too many “gurus” in the field of digital marketing. We just get stuff done. And we do it well. We’re honing our skills every day and constantly learning new things.

Partners in Growth

We have partners that have been clients since before the agency even started. We can talk all day about SEO theories, but what we really enjoy is helping entrepreneurs, executives, and marketers grow their businesses however we can.

Data Driven

We build our strategies and measure our performance with real data. And we’re not shy about sharing it, even if it makes us look bad in the short term.

Our Team

We're a cohesive team of independent creatives and tech wizards focused on helping businesses attract, convert, and retain more customers. We’re passionate about our work and love what we do.


Riley Farabaugh


Riley is an SEO, CRO, and UX consultant and the founder of Monte Verde Media. When he’s not at his computer, you can find him hiking, skiing, or playing basketball outside.


Robert Massa

SEO Specialist

Bobby takes an SEO-based approach to content creation and front-end development. With a writing background and an increasing development skillset, he understands how to create compelling content that drives traffic and conversions. In his free time, Bobby loves traveling, working out, cooking, and eating South American food.


Sarah Pilon

Content Specialist

Sarah is a writer, editor, and illustrator based in Sudbury, Canada. When she's not producing 10X content for Monte Verde Media, you can find her selling her illustrations on Etsy or hanging out with her cat, Perry.


Jennifer Simpson

SEO Copywriter

When she's not writing content that ranks, you might catch her listening to live music, checking out a museum, or attending a community event. She lives in Mesa, Arizona with her three amazing kiddos and a menagerie of pets.


Erika McCarthy

Partner & Senior SEM Strategist

Erika has over 15 years of experience in search engine marketing, working in-house for luxury brands as well as with agencies big and small. She lives in Burlington, VT with her partner Pete, daughter Aoife, and dog Citra.


Geoff Strawbridge

Partner & Advisor

Geoff has decades of experience in digital marketing and management consulting. He can wax poetic about content strategies and customer acquisition, and he has a keen ability to lead people towards great outcomes.


Nat White-Joyal

Partner & Director of Video

Over the last 10 years, Nat has developed high-performing marketing strategies using video content throughout the sales funnel to drive results. Nat's first company, White & Joyal, was acquired by Scout Digital, where he now serves as president.


Kaitlin Mattingly

Paid Social Specialist

Kaitlin has managed millions of dollars per year in ad spend for nationwide clients. Her ability to connect with an audience through great creative while also delivering on ROAS targets sets her apart as an advertiser.

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Measurement Has Company
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