We promote independence, american workmanship, and environmental stewardship by partnering with established, growth-focused companies who share core values. We’re based in Burlington, VT, but our team works all over the US and beyond.

Practitioners, Not Experts

There’s too many “gurus” in the field of digital marketing. We just get stuff done. And we do it well. We’re honing our skills every day and constantly learning new things.

Partners in Growth

We have partners that have been clients since before the agency even started. We can talk all day about SEO theories, but what we really enjoy is helping entrepreneurs, executives, and marketers grow their businesses however we can.

Data Driven

We build our strategies and measure our performance with real data. And we’re not shy about sharing it, even if it makes us look bad in the short term.

Our Team

We're a cohesive team of independent creatives and tech wizards focused on helping businesses attract, convert, and retain more customers. We’re passionate about our work and love what we do.


Riley Farabaugh

Founder & CEO

Riley is an SEO, CRO, and UX consultant and the founder of Monte Verde Media. When he’s not at his computer, you can find him hiking, skiing, or playing basketball outside.


Nate Boland

Director of Development

Entrepreneur from a young age, Nate has been diving into new information, from working on cars to SEO and web development. In his free time, Nate enjoys working on his car, finding and solving problems, and building new companies.

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