3 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Will FAIL

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3 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Will FAIL

If you’re reading this, I’m going to make the assumption that you understand the importance of search engine optimization. You understand how more search traffic could help grow your business. You have a basic understanding of SEO, you maybe have a website of your own with DIY SEO, but you haven’t seen the returns that all those YouTube videos and blog posts promised you.

Here are three common pitfalls that business owners and digital marketers make that kill their SEO strategy.

  1. You Don’t Know What Content is Already Succeeding in the Niche: Maybe you’ve done the keyword research and you know what the core keywords are that drive most of the traffic in the niche, but do you know what content is ranking for those keywords? Which competitors you’re competing against on those keywords? What’s the most shared content in the niche? What’s linked to most often? It’s tough to build domain authority if your content is garnering links and shares.
  2. You’re Trying to Rank for Keywords That You Just Won’t Rank For: It’s a story as old as time… you do some preliminary keyword research, you notice that the search query “bitcoin” is generating hundreds of thousands of searches per month, and you figure, “oh, I’ll just do a post on Bitcoin, throw it up on my small blog site, bingo bango, I’m ranked #1.” That’s not gonna happen. The sites ranking on the first page for “bitcoin” all have massive amounts of domain authority. Try again in 5 years after you’ve invested in SEO consistently and significantly.
  3. You’re not Integrating Your SEO into Your Web Design and Development: SEO in 2018 is about more than just keywords and backlinks. It seems like this should be obvious- you know, with the rise of AI and machine learning, the fact that Google updates their algorithm every day, and the massive shifts that have taken place in the world of seo over the past several years. But I guess it still needs to be said: If you’re not optimizing your site for users, you won’t fool the search engines into thinking your page is of high quality. If you want to rank, you need to actually be the best result for the queries you want to rank for. This often goes beyond content, keywords, internal and external linking, meta data, and link equity. You need a page that users love, that keeps them engaged, that satisfies their search intent better than the other pages on the SERP. Often times, this means fundamentally rethinking the design and structure of your website.

At Monte Verde Media, we see business owners and marketing making these mistakes ALL THE TIME, so we thought long and hard about it. How can we help these people? How can we give them a low-cost roadmap that will help them succeed in organic search over the next several years? How can we instantly accelerate their growth just by steering them in a slightly different direction?

What we came up has been raved about by our clients. It’s a simple competition analysis but unlike any you’ve seen before.

Clients LOVE these things.

If you’re interested, reach out and ask us about it.

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