Ecommerce Homepage Design for More Conversions

Ecommerce Homepage Design for More Conversions

Your homepage is one of the most viewed pages on your eCommerce site.

It’s also one of your top landing pages, and most of the people who actually buy from you will see your homepage before they do so.

You know the saying…

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

I think Spiderman’s dad said that?

Anyway, because the homepage is such an important aspect of SEO, CRO, and UX for eCommerce businesses, it makes sense to put some time and thought into what you want to convey to your customers.

Common eCommerce Homepage Design Elements

  • An image slider or static hero
  • Unique selling points (USPs)
  • Testimonials
  • Products
  • Product categories
  • Press mentions
  • Brand video
  • Instagram integration
  • Lead gen

Should You Use an Image Slider or Static Hero?

Many conversion specialists have written about the poor engagement rates of image sliders (often referred to as carousels) and recommended against using them in favor of the static hero image.

It’s the age-old conversion debate about one single CTA vs multiple.

We don’t have an end to this debate, but we will offer up three examples of really good eCommerce sites that still use homepage image sliders.

We know for a fact these sites are doing rigorous A/B testing. It makes sense to assume they’ve tested their homepage sliders and made the conscious decision to keep them.

Don’t count the image slider out in eCommerce. That debate is far from settled.

Every site is different. We would recommend using the slider with 3-6 different messages unless you’ve actually tested it and have clear data that suggests against it.

What Your Homepage Hero Images Should Be

Whether you have one hero image or an image carousel, it’s the first thing most users will see when they land on your site.

You want the images on this part of your page to evoke an emotional reaction in your users that makes them imagine how much better their lives would be if they owned your products.

Look at how well Vermont Flannel Company does this:

Vermont Flannel Company homepage slider

Can you imagine how great it’d be to own our products? You’d have a beautiful, happy girl snuggled up to you all the time!

Bonus points for the creative microcopy on the CTA there, too.

How to Display USPs on Your Homepage

Your USPs are what makes your business different from your foes.

What can you say to your potential customers about why they should do business with you? What makes you better?

Once you’ve got a few ideas for what sort of messaging you might want to convey, put some thought into how you want to display them.

Here’s a few ideas:

We especially love the way Vermont Teddy Bear has done this so creatively with an interactive feature that teaches the user more about the brand as they play with it.

What Products Should You Put on Your Homepage?

If you sell products on your website, they should be visible and accessible from your homepage.

Which products, though?

A few of our favorite modules to add product cards onto your homepage are:

  • Best Sellers
  • New Releases
  • Featured Products
  • Clearance
  • On Sale Now
  • Recently Purchased

Interested in re-energizing the design of your own eCommerce homepage? Get in touch and ask us to help!

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