How to Add Monte Verde Media to Your AdWords Account

How to Add Monte Verde Media to Your AdWords Account

We might request access to your AdWords account for any number of reasons. We might just be interested to see the data, or we may be performing an audit of the account to see where improvements can be made.

If we’re setting up a Google advertising account for you from scratch, this article won’t be relevant to you– we’ll take care of everything in that case.

But if you’re bring us on to manage and optimize your existing AdWords account, read on to learn how to grant us access.

1) Email us your 10-digit AdWords account ID. It should look something like 123-456-7890.

2) We’ll request access to the account with our agency MCC account.

3) You’ll receive an email from AdWords asking you to confirm the access

Email request from AdWords MCC account

4) Click the “Accept Request” button. You’ll be asked to sign into your AdWords account.

5) Once signed in, navigate to “Accounts Access” in the Tools menu in the upper right part of your screen. You should see a list of authorized users.

6) You should see a tab next to “Users” labeled “Managers.” Select that tab.

7) Now you should see a pending request from Monte Verde Media to manage your AdWords account. Accept that request.

And Voila! You’re done!

This should take no longer than 5 minutes. Let us know if you have any problems.

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