8 Quick Tips to Crush SEO and Generate TONS of Organic Traffic

8 Quick Tips to Crush SEO and Generate TONS of Organic Traffic

Improving your SEO can be an uphill battle. You probably already know this. You’re probably reading this article because you’ve been trying to generate more organic traffic for months or years and haven’t seen the results you know your site is capable of.

Here are 8 things you can do to improve your SEO and generate more organic traffic to your website.

1. Know Your Competition:

Knowing who you’re competing against will help to formulate a sound long-term strategy to build search traffic. Pick a handful of competitors. Use established SEO tools to analyze them. Look at domain metrics, top keywords and landing pages, and what content has been successful in your niche. This should tell you what landing pages you need to build out, what content you need to create, and where you might be able to compete based on the strength of your domain.

2. Compete on the RIGHT Keywords:

Traffic is worthless if it doesn’t bring conversions with it. Make sure the keywords you’re targeting have commercial intent.

3. Content is King:

You need to be producing content if you expect to generate traffic. Put out as much as you can. It can only help. Pro Tip: Video content goes a long way in SEO.

4. Use More Data:

Track your performance with free tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Use this data to inform decisions moving forward.

5. Link Internally:

Help direct users to your best content. Keep them on your site as long as possible, and make sure they find what they’re looking for (and then some). Internal linking is a brilliant way to pass relevancy from one page to another, and it WILL help you rank better.

6. Link Externally:

Citing relevant, authoritative sources in your content builds credibility, both for people and for search engines. Show you know what you’re talking about by interacting with other content in the niche.

7. Promote Your Content:

Every piece of content you post should be promoted on social media. Reach out to other publishers and influencers in your niche and ask them to share it with their audience. The catch is you have to produce content that is actually valuable to the end user.

8. Focus on Improving UX:

User experience can make or break your SEO. A poor UX/UI will increase your bounce rate and pull your rankings down. Unless you’re a massive eCommerce retailer with the budget to build a desktop site, a mobile site, and an mobile app, your site should be responsive and functional on all screen sizes. Integrate SEO best practices into a professionally designed site with solid content, and you’ve got a page that will rank consistently over a long period of time.

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