SEO Tools To Help Grow Your Business

SEO Tools To Help Grow Your Business

Over the past several years, we’ve gotten the opportunity to work with a lot of different SEO tools. So many, in fact, that we’ve probably forgotten a lot of them.

That said, we figured a list of these search marketing software tools might help some people out, so we’ve compiled our favorite ones here.



This is our personal favorite all-around SEO tool. Ahrefs is great for keyword research, traffic trends analysis, competitive analysis, rank tracking, and more!

Ahrefs SEO software for traffic analysis


SEMrush offers a lot of the same functionality that Ahrefs offers, but in our experience Ahrefs has more accurate data and a bigger suite of tools. SEMrush has a slight edge on Ahrefs in terms of their paid search metrics, but they can’t hold a candle to our next tool when it comes to paid search.


SpyFu is the best software for paid search that we’ve found thus far. It’s metrics are far more accurate than SEMrush or Ahrefs and you can even see ad history to see which ads are performing best for your competitors.


Screaming Frog is an SEO crawling software perfect for technical SEO analysis. It also allows us to quickly analyze H1 tags, meta data, URL structures, canonicalization, and more. A must-have in the toolbox of any SEO professionals.


BeamUsUp is a free alternative to Screaming Frog, although not as powerful. But free!

Moz Open Site Explorer:

Moz is well known for their proprietary metrics and domain analysis tools. In our experience, their backlink index can’t compete with Ahrefs or Majestic; their traffic and keyword metrics can’t compete with Ahrefs or SEMrush. For these reasons, Moz has fallen out of our top SEO tools for 2019.

Keywords Everywhere:

Keywords Everywhere is a super useful chrome extension that allows you to see search volume, cost-per-click, and competitiveness of keywords in search results and other places around the web. It offers keyword ideas on SERPs as well.Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome Extension Example for "SEO Tools"


Majestic seems to have the best backlink index and domain metrics in the industry. Their SEO tools consistently outperform all others on this list when it comes to backlink discovery and analysis.


Alexa is an older SEO tool that ranks websites based on the amount of traffic they suspect the site is generating.


SimilarWeb is great for competitive analysis and specifically analyzing how much traffic any given site might be generating from different channels. Unlike all the other tools on this list, SimilarWeb will estimate the amount of referral and social traffic that a website generates. It’s metrics are predictably not accurate, but at least they’re trying!

Wayback Machine:

Allows you to see previous versions of websites. Super useful for diagnosing traffic drops and seeing how best-in-class websites have evolved their strategies over time.

Google Analytics:

An absolute must-have for every business. Seriously. Get in touch if you’re not utilizing this free tool.

Google Tag Manager:

Super useful for deploying analytics tags and remarketing pixels. Makes tag management super easy without having to go through your dev team.

Google Search Console:

In our opinion, another must have. Also free.


Great for checking spelling and grammar of written content. Will also highlight difficult to read sentences, overused adjectives, and more.


Great for coming up with blog ideas around a certain topic. Some might call it keyword research.

Google UTM Builder:

Minimize the amount of mysterious “direct / none” traffic by tagging URLs with UTM parameters. Useful for analyzing ROI of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Google Trends:

See trends in search volume for certain keywords over time.


Great for finding free media for your blog posts or website. All commercially licensed free of charge.


Easy to use graphic editing software.


Useful WordPress plugin to help optimize your web pages for SEO.

Google Data Studio:

Pull all your metrics into one place.

Google Data Studio displaying organic blog traffic

Top Digital Agencies

Top Digital Agencies is a public directory of the top marketing agencies in the US and around the world.

Bonus: Bulk Link Disavow for Bing & Yahoo

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What are you favorites?


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