8 Tags Every Business Should Have in Their GTM Container

8 Tags Every Business Should Have in Their GTM Container

Google Tag Manager Container

Google Tag Manager is a powerful, free tool developed by Google to help digital marketers and developers deploy and manage tags and pixels on their sites without having to update the source code.

We’ve written in the past about some of the reasons to use Google Tag Manager, how to install it, how to use it to track conversions, and how to install Google Analytics using GTM. Today, we’re detailing some must-have tags in your GTM container that every website should have.

  1. Google Analytics Pageview: This is your standard, run of the mill tracking code for Google Analytics. It will tell you how many users you have on your site, which pages their looking at, how long they stay, and more.
  2. Google Analytics Form Submission: Setting up an event tag to track form submissions on your site will help you understand which traffic sources, campaigns, and pages on your site are most successful in generating leads for your business.
  3. Google Analytics Click to Call: Similarly to the Form Submission event tag, setting up a click-to-call tag will show you how often users click your phone number on your site and which traffic sources and campaigns are generating those phone calls.
  4. Google Analytics MailTo: If you have a clickable email address listed on your website, setting up a tag like this helps you understand where those leads are coming from.
  5. Google Analytics Outbound Link Clicks: If you’ve got a website with any significant amount of content on it, chances are you’ve got lots of external links around your site. Understanding which external links are most popular among your users can help you better optimize your content. You’ll also be able to see which outbound links are clicked most often, and you can use that data to make sure that those links open in another tab instead of sending users off your site.
  6. Google Ads Remarketing Tag: This tag allows you to build a remarketing list in Google Ads. You can use this later to retarget your website visitors with display ads, youtube ads, or even an RLSA search campaign.
  7. Google Ads Conversion Linker Tag: This tag helps Google Ads attribute conversions to the correct keyword and campaign, so your conversion data in Google Ads is more accurate and you can make better decisions with your ad campaigns.
  8. Facebook Ads Pixel: This tag allows you to build a remarketing list for Facebook Ads. It also records conversion events like purchases or add to cart, or even leads and pageviews.

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