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Company Overview

The Emily Post Institute Inc. is a fifth generation family business that has been promoting etiquette based on consideration, respect and honesty since Emily Post wrote her first book ETIQUETTE in 1922. Today they offer a wide range of books, online resources, training programs for all ages and topics, a weekly podcast and a selection of greeting cards and paper products.

Modernizing the Emily Post Brand

  • New website with Eternity
  • Updated color palette
  • Focus on modern etiquette and “New Normal” etiquette

Reputation as the Source for Etiquette

Emily Post Institute has maintained a reputation as the source for proper etiquette for generations. They came to us with their site traffic and ad revenue on a significant downturn, mainly due to the pandemic.

It was the perfect opportunity for a pivot into the new normal. We helped Emily Post modernize their brand through a website redesign. We also saw the new normal as an opportunity to create evergreen, data-driven content to help people navigate the etiquette of topics such as social distancing, virtual meetings, and masks.

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