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Company Overview

GoldSilver is an international bullion dealer and wealth management company. They generate over $100m in annual revenue and ship precious metals all over the world. They also have proprietary lines of gold jewelry and silver rounds, as well as a best-in-class storage program for physical precious metals investments.

A Thirst for New Customers

GoldSilver has a loyal base of customers who grow and maintain their precious metals investment portfolios with the company. This fan base was built up over the course of a decade or more by their founder Mike Maloney, whose YouTube channel has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

When the company was bought out by Gold Bullion International, the appointed president knew the company would need to attract new customers in order to continue to grow. We were brought on to consult with GoldSilver on how best they could improve their SEO and generate more traffic and revenue through search engines.

Overhauling Website Content

One of the biggest issues with the GoldSilver website when we started working with them was that the whole site was full of thin content. Although they maintained a blog and posted often, other areas of the site were largely neglected.

Their category pages, especially, were in need of updated content. We spent several months writing long-form copy for those pages and working with the internal writing team to make sure the content was polished and reflected the brand accurately. We also launched more than 50 new category pages that would allow the website to drive traffic for brand new keywords they hadn’t yet been targeting.

We also rewrote content for their About Us page, their price charts pages (which drive a huge amount of traffic in their niche), and other parts of the website.

Technical SEO Improvements

When we started working with GoldSilver, we discovered over 1,200 404 errors, 1,300 broken links, and several other technical SEO issues that may have been holding the site back in search. We worked with their internal development team to eliminate those issues, as well as implementing an updated sitemap and schema markup.

Our improvements allowed Google to crawl the site more efficiently and offer enhanced product listings in SERPs, which increases CTR and visibility for their product pages.


“Riley took time to understand our business, and adapt the audit and plans accordingly. He addressed content, UX/UI, and process, operating as an integrated team member not just a vendor.” – President, GoldSilver

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