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Company Overview

Metropolis Moving opened shop in Brooklyn in 2014 and have been growing quickly ever since. Matt Jahn, the founder, had previously worked for another Brooklyn-based moving company since 2007, and decided it was time to try his hand at his own company. That was the birth of Metropolis Moving. Today the company has hundreds of 5-star reviews, an avid fan base, and a thriving business.


A Referral From HandiworkNYC

We were introduced to Metropolis Moving through a partnership with HandiworkNYC, a custom wordpress development agency that works mostly with New York based companies. Jesse, the lead developer at Handiwork, had worked with a designer to build the Metropolis Moving site back in 2015.


The build had several key features. It was fast, visually appealing, and- perhaps most importantly- could produce a moving quote for customers by asking them for an inventory of their moving needs. Jesse built a custom solution in WordPress by which Metropolis could capture a large number of leads and give them an accurate quote without adding any additional admin time to the staff, who were already busy.


Two years later Metropolis was asking how they could drive more organic traffic and leads through their website. Jesse referred them to us, and we have been responsible for the online marketing of the business ever since.


Full-Service Digital Marketing

The business goal for Metropolis Moving was clear: generate more qualified moving leads on a consistent basis. We’ve done all sorts of things in pursuit of that goal including content marketing, landing page creation, conversion rate optimization, social media management, and paid search campaign management. All this addition to the core of the engagement which was local SEO.


A Reputation for Excellence

During the first few years of operating as a moving company in New York City, Metropolis had built up a tremendous portfolio of positive reviews online. The problem was all of those reviews were housed on Yelp. When we started working with Metropolis Moving, they had close to 100 5-Star reviews on Yelp and zero reviews on Google. Matt knew he needed to diversify where his sources of traffic, leads, and even reviews.


We implemented a system by which customers are asked for reviews after their move, and now when customers Google metropolis by brand name or find them through local search, they see lots of positive reviews, and that’s a great thing for a business.

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