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Company Overview

Sap! products are plant-based superfood sparkling beverages made from 100% pure maple and birch sap straight from the forests of Vermont. Founded by cousins Chas and Nikita of a multi-generational Vermont maple farming family, Sap! found  a niche in the consumer goods market.


In anticipation of their 2018 appearance on NBC’s Shark Tank, Sap! commissioned us for a new ecommerce website. Our goal during our partnership with Sap! was to rebuild their website such that it would be able to reliably handle a significant increase in traffic and convert those users to customers. We wanted to convey their unique brand and convert site visitors into lifelong Sap! drinkers.


Launching a Robust eCommerce Platform

Prior to our partnership, Sap! had built a simple brochure website on Squarespace, but they weren’t using it to sell products and weren’t happy with the design and user experience. We migrated their website from Squarespace to Shopify, implemented CloudFlare as a content delivery network (CDN), and worked with the team to make sure the site was ready for the spotlight.


The final build was optimized for speed, conversions, and reliability. It handled thousands of unique users on the site at a time, withstood several DDoS attempts, and generated over $60,000 within a week of launch.


Building a Blueprint for Digital Success

In addition to launching the new eCommerce site, Sap! needed some additional features in order to fully take advantage of the opportunity they were receiving with their appearance on Shark Tank. With all these new users on the site, Sap! wanted to capitalize on the data that they could collect and build an audience for retargeting.


We implemented enhanced ecommerce analytics, verified the site in Google Search Console, added remarketing pixels for Google and Facebook, and set up certain event tracking in Google Analytics.


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