Sap! products are plant-based superfood sparkling beverages made from 100% pure maple and birch sap straight from the forests of Vermont. In anticipation of their appearance on Shark Tank, Sap! commissioned us for a new ecommerce website.

Designed and developed a functional ecommerce site on Shopify

Built on the ecommerce centric platform Shopify with a base theme customized to SAP!’s ideal vision. We wanted to convey their unique brand and convert site visitors into lifelong Sap! drinkers while featuring a limited edition Shark Tank Sampler Pack.

Implemented Cloudflare for enhanced speed and reliability

Due to the high traffic expected from SAP!’s depue on Shark Tank, the Monte Verde Media implemented Cloudflare a service that offers a content delivery network, DDoS mitigation, Internet security services and distributed domain name server services. This prevented multiple security attacks to take down the website and was able to keep site speeds blazing fast even with thousands of active users on the site at once.

Analytics Installation and Setup

With all these new users on the site, Sap! wanted to capitalize on the data that they could collect and build an audience for retargeting. We implemented Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and retargeting pixels with the help of Google Tag Manager inorder to give SAP! important insights to help them grow and monitor there web traffic, ecommerce sales, and target potential customers.

The final build was optimized for speed and reliability. We compressed images and implemented CloudFlare as a content delivery network (CDN) to ensure that there would be no downtime as a result of the increased server load due to their appearance on a TV show that boasts an audience of millions of loyal fans.

As expected, Sap!'s appearance catapulted their daily sessions from tens to tens of thousands. The server was able to withstand the over 10,000 unique users that flocked to the site during the East Coast's airing of the show, and continued to hold strong over the next few days as people gained awareness through reruns and word of mouth.

All in all, Sap! was able to generate over $60,000 in ecommerce revenue through their new website in less than a week. Not a bad number for a company that didn't have ecommerce capabilities just two weeks before.


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