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Furnishing a Greener World

Vermont Woods Studios was founded by Peggy and Ken Farabaugh in 2005. They merged Peggy’s passion for forest conservation with Ken’s interest in woodworking. What emerged was an online furniture company born to promote Vermont craftsmanship and environmental sustainability. The company sells Vermont made furniture and home decor as well as some outdoor furniture that is also 100% American made. They’ve shipped furniture to all 50 states and parts of Europe.


Technical Ecommerce SEO

An ever-evolving landscape, the changing world of ecommerce SEO had left Vermont Woods Studios in a state of declining traffic and sales. We started advising the VWS team on ways to increase their organic traffic in mid-2016. By early 2017, the company was seeing increased organic traffic and record sales numbers.


That trend continued throughout 2017 and into 2018. In early 2018, the site took a hit by a Google algorithm update. Battling changes to Google’s SERP results- like the growth of Google Shopping Ads, increased featured snippets, and generally less clicks going to organic results- as well as increased competition from Wayfair and others, the VWS team struggled to regain their organic traffic.


We launched dynamic product filters, enhanced copy on category pages, and updated meta data sitewide. By mid-2019, organic traffic was up 60+% YOY and the business was again breaking sales records.


Optimizing & Scaling Ad Campaigns

After stalled growth and declining revenue in the years prior, we made a conscious effort in 2018 to establish paid search as a more profitable and scalable ad channel. We were able to scale ad spend on Google’s search network from ~$8,000/m to over $30,000/m while maintaining profitability.


In 2019, we rebuilt their Google remarketing campaigns and launched new ad campaigns on the Google Shopping network, all to the benefit of top-line revenue. We have been lucky to work alongside Erika McCarthy and her team at Measurement Has Company over the course of this project.


These enhancements have propelled consistent, sustainable, and scalable growth for Vermont Woods Studios.


Establishing VWS as an Authority

From 2005 to 2012, Vermont Woods Studios grew like crazy. This growth was propelled by valuable organic traffic from search engines. The strategy during that time was to push out as much content as possible. That worked at the time. Sometime around 2012 or 2013- around the time that the Panda, RankBrain and Hummingbird updates were published by Google- Vermont Woods Studios started attracting less and less organic traffic. That decline continued for several years.


When we started advising the VWS team on more modern SEO practices, they had over 1,500 blog posts published. Many of those blog posts were irrelevant, outdated, or poorly written. We removed over 1,000 posts from their blog and published dozens of high quality pieces of content designed to rank in search and drive traffic. These pieces of content drive a significant chunk of the sites overall organic traffic and helps to establish Vermont Woods Studios as a leader in the wood furniture industry.


“Riley has been a catalyst for change at Vermont Woods Studios. His new school approach to SEO- focusing on UX and content- has helped us rebound from several years of declining organic traffic. Beyond SEO, Riley has built robust ad campaigns, published exceptional content, and provided valuable input to our dev team.” – Peggy Farabaugh

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