In the US alone, total Ecommerce sales in 2014 surged past $300 billion.

There is no industry that benefits greater from good SEO than ecommerce businesses. Forty-four percent of online shoppers begin shopping with a search engine. Making small changes in site architecture or metadata can encourage customers to add more to their shopping order, leave quality reviews, and continually revisit your site. Don’t lose a single penny to bad site architecture, invest in your business today.

To optimize the SEO of an ecommerce website, we focus on optimizing the following:

  • Keyword research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Link building

Keyword research

Any effective SEO campaign starts with effective keyword research. The challenge is that your competitors are using keywords too, and some likely have much stronger link profiles. Therefore, it is imperative to choose keywords that:

Have good volume

Are likely to convert into customers

Your competitors are NOT targeting

You can rank for quickly

Effective Content Marketing on ecommerce websites does the following

  • Identify a common problem
  • Create content targeting people with that problem
  • Recommend a solution in the content (either a product or service)

We don’t just want to put products on our page, we are seeking to create content that is valuable to a specific niche of search queries.

  • Rank for the phrase
  • Engage/educate the visitor
  • Convert into a sale

For a quick, effective boost in organic traffic, we target opportunity keywords that

  • You are already ranking for in positions 11–20
  • Has good search volume
  • Has a relatively low difficulty score

On-Page SEO

Implement HTTPs sitewide.
Optimize Category Pages - Category pages can bring in high-quality traffic to your website so add unique content such as category descriptions and introductions above the products. Like Category pages, optimize Product pages for SEO too! Product descriptions, product title tags, product meta descriptions, product images, schema structured data
Technical SEO - Get rid of duplicate content, check number of indexed pages

Link Building

Acquire new inbound links from other sources linking to your website.
Place it well - Google will analyze how likely the link is to be clicked.
Research competitor backlinks, need communication skills necessary to reach out to sites that could link content.
Link Bait, Ego Bait, Broken Link Building, Link Reclamation, Newsjacking, Guest Blogging, Interviews, Infographics, Content Syndication, Content Repurposing, Link Building with Images, Directory Submissions, Press Release Distribution, Local Citations, Blog Commenting, Contributing in Niche Forms, Participating in Niche Community Sites, Answering Questions, Sponsorships, Sponsored content, other paid links,


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