Relevance: Keywords, Metadata
Authority: Domain Authority, Link Building
Intent: Document Type, Anticipate Intent
User behavior: Dwell Time, Click-Through Rate

The Power Of Data

Each month, 1.17 billion people search over 100 billion times for content on Google. This makes Google the largest marketplace of people looking for products, services, and content ever. Because of this, market leadership in Google search is synonymous with market leadership in an industry. Search Engine Optimization allows us to tap into the world of search and extract quantitative, actionable data that can provide objective answers to some of the most crucial content marketing questions. Leveraging modern SEO techniques enables us to create A+ content capable of generating meaningful, targeted traffic to your business. Good content marketing utilizes scientific data to create high quality content.


Are you using keywords that are relevant to your content’s website? Will your website provide the user with the information they’re looking for? Utilizing keyword research enables you to find what queries are being demanded, then create the supply for that audience, optimizing growth.


Link building has a snowball effect on your content. Quality links increase your rank, ranking highly earns your content more traffic, and more traffic earns your content more links! It is necessary to nurture content via link building until it is strong enough to drive value to your business.


There are many different types of media that can result from a query being entered in the search engine. For example, searching for a kilogram to pound conversion will most likely result in a calculator widget being the number one result. To rank with the top results for a given query, one must create media with the same document type as the top ranking results.

User behavior

Often times if a user clicks on a result and it isn’t the information they were looking for, they will navigate away from that page within the first 15 seconds. Users’ dwell time on your page is an indicator to Google about whether or not your content was valuable to users who search for a particular query.


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