Social media is necessary for your business’ success. Regardless of industry, customers and clients alike look to social platforms to engage with products and brands. You need to be showcasing your expertise, mission, and goals through the visual and communicative potential in today’s suite of social websites. We can help you perfect your messaging, figure out which channels you need to be on, and distribute original content.



From custom graphics to full fledged articles, we create original content that suits your brand identity.


Carefully crafted content calendars to optimize cross channel opportunities.


New avenues for dialogue & relationship building with your clientele.


Detailed action points to improve messaging.


1 – 2 Post/Day
3 Account Management
1 Blog Post/Month
$5,000/m +10%
1 Post/Day/Page
5 Page Management
Paid Social
Unique Content
4 Blog Post/Month
Above & Beyond
$8,000/m +10%
3-5 Post/Day/Page
Content Management
Paid Socail
10 Blog Post/Month
Up to 10 Channels

How will a curated social media presence drive your business?

Having a Presence Pays

Adults spend 3.1 hours a day on the internet on their phones. Most of this time is spent on social media sites, where you should be poised for conversion.

You Need to be Visual

Social media posts with images receive almost 90% more favorites, and 150% more retweets. With custom images, more eyes begin to recognize your brand.

Money Talks

In the past 2 years, social media ads on select channels have increased purchases by 2x.

Social Media Keeps Employees Happy

74% of corporate executives believe a social media presence helps their company retain top talent.


Get in touch so we can see how a social media presence will boost your mission!